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468x60 pxl / 180x150pxl / 300x250pxl / 120x600 pxl / 160x600 pxl / 240x400 pxl / 250x250 pxl / 336x280 pxl AD Banner sizes! What size do you prefer? Nardsdesign offer banner design in affordable price and in 2 design formats (Static / Animated)
Views: 529 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2011-10-24

love this song! very nice song. :) love daddy!

Views: 493 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2011-10-10

What do you do when someone approached your business website is not pleasing?

nothing...walkout possibly..embarrassed.

creating website is like cooking your favorite meal. Always depending on every each ingredients being added to your food to make sure that it taste "OK"

so what are you going to do? WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?

look for some cool expert who can Definitely assure you a very nice good looking website A specialist who can deliver you GREAT quality website that will surely bring revenue to your company or group. Remember friend its not just about the functionality we're talking here it's also about your business IMAGE! the more good looking site you have the more good looking returns you will ... Read more »

Views: 505 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-11-24

Nardsdesign LISTEN to  your ideas and purpose and FOCUS on an affordable creative design solution that will get you noticed, recognized and will increase the amount of your potential buyers.

Nardsdesign offer affordable* design and marketing solutions that deliver a clear message to your potential customers in unique ways so your business stands out.

*affordable does not mean average quality. Affordable means fulfilling a focused and specific need in a timely fashion within YOUR BUDGET.

Build your start up / growing company with a fantastic image that does more than just look good. Let Nardsdesign help your company/group to grow more.

Please email at  nardsdesign@yah ... Read more »
Views: 511 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-11-23

while at break doing some SPEEDY illustration chick! :)



Views: 472 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-11-12

A wide range of illustration styles

Nardsdesign have the creativity and skills needed to design traditional, realistic, digital illustrations for diverse markets and industries.

Free Hand Drawn illustration
Highly Customised artwork / imaging is one way for small medium large size companies to stand out from their competition or competitors. Nardsdesign can produce one-of-a-kind, hand drawn illustrations for a variety of industries and applications that draw the attention of potential clients and customers away from competitors.

Computer Generated illustration
Nardsdesign utilise the latest computer tools to generate great images of superb quality. Nardsdesign can combine traditional hand draw ... Read more »
Views: 333 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-11-11

Nardsdesign offers the cheapest yet affordable  logo design online.

Get a fantastic logo for your start-up / growing business today!

Are you looking for a logo for your business or website ? 

Nardsdesign is dedicated to provide a professional logo design for your personal or business website.

Website Owners / Business Owners / others :
Having an attractive logo for your domain name can do wonders. A good logo design
creates long lasting impact.

A clean, quality logo design is your FIRST and LAST impression:

  •  You want it to be drawing attention.

Views: 349 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-11-07

NARDSDESIGN Photo Services:

Nardsdesign offer The kind of photo restoration services:

  •   Nardsdesign can repair damaged photos such as tears, cracks and fading to treasured old photographs
  •   Nardsdesign can modify or combine photographs so you can finally have the picture you really wanted
  •   Nardsdesign can restore photos, colorize photos, tint, or transform your black and white photos to sepia tone
  •   Nardsdesign can correct and restore photos with poor or faded color   

General Services ... Read more »
Views: 374 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-11-04

today will be my painful day, i got a finger dislocate and need some treatment to recover soon!.stupid basketball game! :D
Views: 318 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-03-16

wireframes, layout structures, storyboards, site trees, site maps, name it Nardsdesign offer such services for your personal or business use of how your UI's will going to look you want your home page that look like this and that, your profile / gallery / product and services / contact to look as well with the home or might be something unique and more pleasing to your visitors? Nardsdesign is here to help you achieve all of this! ask what you need, and Nardsdesign will make a fine good looking slideshow done in a powerpoint format of your choice!
Views: 346 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-03-12

landing page are quite common in cyberspace. landing page is like a connector, a digital flyer roaming around, waiting for some visitor to click on it and automatically jump directly to your website products and services! it comes with sizes as well like the microsites and banners.Nardsdesign can help you get your landing page in a matter of creative hours! just provide Nardsdesign your marketing materials, from text,to images and that's it prospect will surely land to your website afterwards!....:D
Views: 374 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-03-09

static banner is cool but definitely GIF banners are hot! content with static text compressing with your AD container box? what if your every text blurb is somehow is showing from time to time like a slideshow? looks cool? yes! Nardsdesign offer services for GIF format ad banners to display more contents, more styles and more comes from different sizes Nardsdesign guarantee that you can have a great looking animated banner in GIF to show your visitors.
Views: 316 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-03-08

if GIF are cool so do FLASH! :)..Yes yes YESSss! FLASH are more likely to be used by internet marketers, advertisers etc. same with the GIF flash has a lot of components a lot of animation tricks and style, and more fluid in terms of are you a GIF fan or a FLASH fan..Nardsdesign offer service for such FLASH design banner.have you tried visiting my FLASH site ( lately? see it in action.Nardsdesign assure your personal or business needs that you can get a nice good looking animated banners in FLASH!
Views: 426 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-03-04

have you seen some cyber peeps that use social media apps lately?..of course you did!..seeing those cool social media "ICONS" popping out everywhere! example the blog posts when you comment you also see the "SHARE" link button! you want your web blog's share post standout?.want those sm icons to standout "MORE"? Nardsdesign can do that for your personal and business needs in just a matter of creative hours! see your tweety birds flying around or seeing your facebook in cold icy cubes! order your custom made design at Nardsdesign
Views: 380 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-03-03

have you read the electronic email news at your inbox? how about some nice good looking newsletter? have you seen one?.Nardsdesign offer service for designing your customized newsletter! of course you dont have to worry about how big the newsletter will look like! its just a matter of design expertise by Nardsdesign
Views: 374 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-25

floral decor art are normally used for women's clothing specially the underwear lingerie's panty's and bra. floral decor art represents feminine chic style, are you looking for one? Nardsdesign offer a customized illustration just for your personal or business needs! Nardsdesign will surely bring your marketing asset's swirling types of floral decors either its in fine line art or colorized version.
Views: 374 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-22

whoooah comics COMICS commiccCS! sure thing they are really fun to read from sci-fi, adventure,drama,action,horror etc comics are totally hot HOTT! lot of cyber peeps love to read comics! from kidos to adults even grandmas and grandpa's love to read comics! how about you're the cast, the leading guy the superhero, the extra of that comics you are reading now? looks more FUN dont you think? Nardsdesign offer service for creating your personal and business use of customized COMICS! yeah thats right its like adding spices to make your business go more lively! comic strips are like what you have seen into your daily newspaper, comic strips inside your website etc..lets make a comics for you!

Views: 386 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-16

Giving out brochures are very common in the market...its like a leaflets..they come with different forms and styles, shapes and folds..Nardsdesign offer a design service for your marketing needs. A good looking brochure...either you want your brochure in Traditonal or Digitally styled made in flash / pdf / powerpoint format. Contact Nardsdesign now!

Views: 385 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-12

Adding great banner to your website in different sizes are showing more exposure to you and more to your products and services. Nardsdesign offer banner design services in static or animated version. not just a ad but good looking banners. Contact Nardsdesign now!

Views: 398 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-10

Having a good UI (user interface) is cool specially when you are promoting your products and services..Good looking Layouts and images are very important element for having a such user friendly need to consider also fast loading while your visitors checking out your web page..Nardsdesign can do that for you! Nardsdesign offer affordable high quality UI design for your business needs! either its for personal or business purposes Nardsdesign guarantee that you can have your UI done in such a nice way, dont let bad UI looks ruin your day...:)

Views: 380 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-09

Sizes...yeah.lets talk about sizes! have you seen fonts in bigger size lately? Banner ads that is too big and too much for website UI? Gigantic photos and images that almost covered already the presence of your website that you can't even go back easily and have to use that annoying window scrollers..Nardsdesign offer good techniques how to improve and optimize your images in just a matter of creative hours! Nardsdesign guarantee you and your company that you dont have to wait for poor loading of your images for your online presence...Dont waste your time to get fed with that annoying too much so much gigantic photos and images...

Views: 396 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-03

Have you ever wonder when your visitor happen to lurk around your site and checking out your contents and they see your website footer...YES.. UI website footer! For some people footer is not important for their personal or business use but what if your audience arent smart enough or having hard time to navigate throughout your website? Think about it,,you need a FOOTER makeover! :) Nardsdesign is here to help your business needs to make you a GREAT good looking footer! its not just about seeing that "C" copyright symbol...Nardsdesign will enhance your footer in a flash!

Views: 379 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-02-01

Having a very poor design image quality of your PRINTS are bad to your prospect clients...Don't you think that you need some a little adjustment? Nardsdesign offer a design service to enhance / retouched / redesign your PRINT images via illustrator AI/TIFF/JPEG format! in just a matter of creative hours. Nardsdesign guarantee you and your business that you have your PRINTS in High Resolution Good Quality results!

Views: 345 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-28

"i want all my product images in all same sizes!"...Nardsdesign offer design services for image resize in just a matter of fast creative hour! just like a thumbnails and lightbox images that you can see in other websites..So why wait when Nardsdesign is just a few clicks away in front of your can just relax play golf go to salon or spa and wait in a couple of hours til your images are done and ready to rumble! :P

Views: 348 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-25

Cracks, Tear, Distort., Poor image color quality..this are just among normal problem of images specially when promoting online..Nardsdesign will repair your image materials in just a matter of creative hours! dont let that crooked teeth ruin your day! :P

Views: 373 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-22

Sepia,Black and White, Full sharpy colored images?..Cool! Nardsdesign offer design services to enhance your photos! yes yes YES!
Do you want to see your face in shiny glossy style pic? Nardsdesign design technique will surely satisfy your personal and business needs!.

Views: 333 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-18

For some people they prefer their website design in simpler looks.but yet some prefer "MORE" good looks for their UI's background...Nardsdesign
Offer a wallpaper design service that can help improve your website aesthetic looks. Nardsdesign can make your wallpaper not just appealing but more Fun, Entertaining, Creative meaningful to serve your visitors! want it now? Nardsdesign now and get your wallpaper stuff go live with your site!
Views: 337 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-14

the most yet VERY important element every personal or business online presence is "BUTTON"! yes! buttons are famous! without it all inside within the Pc's, Laptops, Mobile's, Tablets' are useless...The call to action graphical image that define "NEXT TO" or "GO TO" link to another page, level or page screen..Nardsdesign offer Buttons in all sizes, Colors, Graphical styles and shapes! like your buttons in gel type? How about mettalic / wooden / glossy neon / orb / capsule type? just name it..Contact Nardsdesign Now! 

Views: 326 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-11

"I get it i remember this guy!" Checking your wallet and see what you were looking for...a BUSINESS CARD! tadaaa! yes having a personal business card is very..very..important to you buddie! Why don t you have one?? Nardsdesign offer a design service for superb quality super cool design business card just for don't want to miss a thing do you.

Views: 337 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2010-01-04

theres a lot of work to do before the year end...
Views: 336 | Added by: nardsdesign | Date: 2009-12-01

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