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Main » 2010 » November » 4 » Photo Manipulation and Restoration
Photo Manipulation and Restoration
4:45 AM
NARDSDESIGN Photo Services:

Nardsdesign offer The kind of photo restoration services:

  •   Nardsdesign can repair damaged photos such as tears, cracks and fading to treasured old photographs
  •   Nardsdesign can modify or combine photographs so you can finally have the picture you really wanted
  •   Nardsdesign can restore photos, colorize photos, tint, or transform your black and white photos to sepia tone
  •   Nardsdesign can correct and restore photos with poor or faded color   

General Services Nardsdesign provide:

  Photograph Restoration
  Photograph Colorizing
  Photograph Manipulation
  Combine Photographs
  Color Correction

   Photograph Restoration
Restore your photo to its original condition whether it is torn, faded, or  cracked, and even if parts of it have been lost...
Even if parts of people's faces are missing! *

  Photograph Colorizing

Add color to a Black-And-White Photo and bring new life to it. Make your color your choice:  ask for a gentle pastel rendering or a vibrant, vivid show stopper.  Sepia tone may best hold your memory. Enhance  the memory it holds and the story it tells!

  Photograph Manipulation

Remove elements or people from your photo that you don't want there. Replace a distracting background or background element. Get rid of the wrinkles in your neck, or the mole on the end of your nose! We want you to have the photo you always really wanted!

  Photograph Repair
Fix rips and tears, coffee stains or ink spots, without a hint that there was ever a problem or a repair done...and remember, your  original is NEVER ALTERED IN ANY WAY.  You will get it back in the same condition you sent it, along with your repaired photograph. A torn or cracked photo is no longer a problem!
  Photographic Digital Enhancement
Does your photo have bad color?  Is it an old, cherished wedding photo that has faded with the years?  We can bring back the color to its original vibrancy.  What a GREAT idea for a Golden Wedding Anniversary gift!

  Combine Photographs
Suppose you have two family Thanksgiving photos, and some members of the family weren't paying attention in one of the photos, and the ones who had their eyes open on this one, were yawning in the other.  You think:  "Man, if I could just get the best of both..." Well, now you can.  You can even "complete" a family portrait where a person is missing, but you have a separate photo of the person you wanted to include in the family photo. Drop Nardsdesign a message and ask about what you want to do. 

  Tinting and Color Correction
Maybe you want a gentle overall tint to a black and white photograph, or you want a subtle colorization of the entire photo.  You may want a certain area of a color photo re-colored, or perhaps you want only one element in a black and white photo tinted or rendered in color.Nardsdesign can correct or CHANGE the color of a dress or tie, or an entire color photo We can combine services to give you just about anything your
 imagination can come up with.  Ask Nardsdesign for a quote!
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